Welcome to my website!

I’m a Spanish luthier building guitars in York, Maine, where I live since 2010. I started making guitars in Barcelona in 2006. My first guitar was intended to be a replica of an Alhambra Flamenco I had. For my second try I took a guitar plan by Neil Ostberg, that still going around the net. This plan is a replica of “La Suprema, 1864” by Antonio Torres. After a few guitars builds on that style I finally design my own.

I was particularly interested in experimenting with different bracing layouts. I did that for a long time going from Taut bracing a la Paul Fisher style, wooden lattice,etc. I don’t make those anymore. For some reason I like the traditional sound produced by fan bracing more. With some variations, for example, in the number of braces. I build lately in a loosely Fiedrich style. More in the concept -the way I understand it- than the actual exact layout. I tend to avoid reinforcements transverse to the grain. Even for the bridge patch, if I use it at all, I glue segmented, non-aligned, pieces of wood.

Usually I build guitars one at a time, although many times I prepare parts for several of them at once. I do that because when you are at it, doing a bunch, it helps achieve more accuracy and saves time. I tried to build several guitars at the time but it doesn’t work for me, because I don’t feel that special “connection” you have when you build just one.

I choose to work primarily with hand tools because I find them more enjoyable to handle than power tools. I also believe that doing everything by hand truly creates a more personal stamp on my guitars. I choose to use hot hide glue for most joints, for its special properties that are not attainable with modern glues – like PVA- For instance, it creates non elastic joints that withstands heat without “cold creeping”. That is important during hot weather , traveling with a guitar in a car, etc. I’ve had a action on guitar made with PVA glue going up a lot during a car trip around Spain.

Manuel Liria Romero.