A few more pics

Gluing the strips with diluted PVA  glue, to have  time to handle them before everything sticks to my fingers and to have  a thin joint.

I had to build this jig to glue the strips with taper. Not a perfect system though: the strips tend to slip upwards when I applied pressure with the clamps.

Cuttings tiles with a super fine teeth saw, 0.25 mm.  I bought in woodcraft very inexpensive. Works fine for this job.

I pre glued  the rings before attempt to assemble all components. I used  a routed board to try the fit.  The taper in the tiles weren’t perfect, so a did this thick for first time and worked well: I sprayed some water on top of the non glued rosettes components, and the tiles swell so no gaps were  left. It stayed like that after dried out.


New rosette.

This is my first blog ever.  I’m going to post pictures and comments  here of the new rosette for guitar #40 and next ones. I did it once before, but I wasn’t happy with the porous Spanish Cedar end grain.  I have now use walnut, I think European, and has more tight end grain. I have use holly for the white and black Pearwood

.rosettes picture