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I'm a Spanish luthier building guitars in Maine, where I live since 2010. I started making guitars in Barcelona some years earlier. My first guitar was intended to be a replica of a Alhambra flamenco I had. For my second try I took a guitar plan that still going around the net in the style of Antonio Torres replicating La Suprema 1864 with tornavoz, by Neil Ostberg. After a few guitars builds on that style I finally design my own.

I have been particularly interested in experimenting with different bracing layouts. I did that for long time, going from Taut bracing a la Paul Fisher style, wooden lattice,etc. I don't make those any more. For some reason, I like better the traditional sound produced by fan bracing. With some variations, for example in the number of braces. I build lately in a loosely Fiedrich style. More in the concept -the way I understand it- that the actual exactly layout. I tend to avoid reinforcements transversal to the grain. Even for the bridge patch, if I use it at all, I glue segmented, non aligned, pieces of wood.

Usually I build guitars one at a time, although many times I prepare parts for several of them at once. I do that because when you are at it, doing a bunch, it helps achieve more accuracy, and saves time. I tried to build several guitars at the time, but it doesn't work for me, because I don't feel that special "connection" you have when build just one.

I choose to work primarily with hand tools because I find them more enjoyable to handle than power tools. I also believe that doing everything by hand truly creates a more personal stamp on my guitars. I choose to use hot hide glue for most joints, for its special properties that are not attainable with modern glues - like PVA- For instance, it creates non elastic joints, that withstands heat without "cold creeping". That is important during hot weather , traveling with a guitar in a car, etc. I've had a action on guitar made with PVA glue going up a lot during a car trip around Spain.

So thanks for stopping by my website and please, check if there is any guitar available or go ahead and order one. It takes around three months to have one finished, moreover having in account the finish itself needs some curing time to avoid troubles with it during the shipping of the guitar. So that is the minimum time to get a commissioned guitar, but it can be longer.

I honor three years of warranty of any problem due to bad procedure or defect on the woods, with the exception of the finish and any wear on the guitar and fittings.

Manuel Liria Romero.

  • SOLD
  • Guitar #39:Classical
  • ziricote back and sides.
  • Cedar top.
  • SOLD
  • Guitar #35:Classical
  • Indian rosewood back and sides.
  • Spruce top.
  • Custom rosette.
  • Sloane tuning machines.
  • French polished shellac
  • Price: $2,450

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