Welcome to my website! Here you will find information regarding the features of my guitars and their construction process. On this website you can read about my work philosophy and approach, tour my work shop, view my most common models, order a guitar and find contact information as well. Thanks!

I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I started making guitars in 2006 after many years intrigued by woodworking and the guitar. I currently live in the United States, having moved here in 2010.

The design of my first guitar was inspired by La Suprema created by Antonio Torres (1817-1891). Since the construction of this first guitar six years ago, each successive guitar has undergone further sound and construction experiments by slowly modifying, adjusting and changing intricacies in the design.

I have been particularly interested in inventing new bracing schemes and continue to incorporate this into my designs. I prefer to build relatively small guitars and focus primarily on one model. However, custom sized guitars can be commissioned if interested. In terms of bracing design patterns, I mostly use classic fan bracing (7+2), parallel bracing or wooden lattice bracing. I tend to avoid reinforcements transversal to the grain.

Usually I build guitars one at a time, although I sometimes prepare parts for several of them at once, because it helps achieve more accuracy. I choose to work primarily with hand tools because I find them more enjoyable to handle than power tools. I also believe that doing everything by hand truly creates a more personal stamp on my guitars. I assemble the guitar parts in a controlled humidity environment that is at 45%. I choose to use hot hide glue for most joints for its special properties that are not attainable with modern glues.

Manel Liria Romero.



#27 Indian Rosewood and cedar top, 2013

#29 Brazilian Rosewood, cedar top, doubled sides.


A sound sample of one of my guitars played by Craig Werth.

The top is Spruce

The body is made of Indian Rosewood.

The neck is Spanish cedar with carbon fiber reinforcement.

One more, in this case is a cedar toped one

The top lattice braced

The body is made of Indian Rosewood.

The neck is Spanish cedar with aluminum truss rod reinforcement.


At this time, the price for a basic classical/flamenco guitar is $3,100. Please, see "Basic Guitar Model" for further information regarding types of guitars made and their design. The current delivery time for a personalized custom ordered and commissioned guitar is four months. However depending on availability, there may already be guitars completed and ready for immediate purchase.
A deposit of 20% of the total price is required to order a guitar. Please call or email me to arrange a visit and view my finished merchandise or discuss further questions regarding your preferences for your desired instrument with no obligations.

A strong advantage to ordering a hand crafted guitar is the ability to customize many of the characteristics of the future instrument. Each instrument is unique. Despite this, there is a basic model built under a minimum range quality of materials and finishes.

Here you can view a list of characteristics of my basic model:


Manel Liria Romero


I'm in York,Maine. You could send me an e-mail, call by phone and we'll arrange to visit my shop, test the guitars and chat.

Phone (six,zero,three) 380 8655

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